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About Me

When I was a little girl, I dreamed big, I was really curious and observed everything around me. 
I loved to imitate my mom.  One of the things I loved to do was watch her get ready when she was preparing to go out.  She put a lot of effort into doing her hair, putting on her jewelry and make up. Even if we were just going to run an errand she threw on a cute pair of earrings. 

Her jewelry was almost always big and bold and showed off her personality. So, you know what I did, right?  I used to sneak into her things, when she wasn’t looking and I would try on her makeup, put on her heels and pile on a bunch of her jewelry, took all of my hair out of my ponytail holder, I do have a lot of hair, and sang in front of the mirror.  I thought I was Diana Ross because I swore, I was fabulous.  It makes me laugh now just thinking about it. The childhood innocence and fascination with looking beautiful. 

I’m sure there are a thousand stories of other adults just like me who did exactly what I did as a kid, and I don’t blame them one bit because it was fun.  It’s not until I reached Junior High School that I realized how much those childhood moments impacted me.  It was then that I began learning my personality and my attraction to colorful bold jewelry and creating my own style.  Something about matching my outfits and wearing jewelry that captured people’s attention made me feel…FAB-U-LOUS! 

After wearing fashion jewelry for some time I began to experience swelling, redness and pain on my earlobes.  Never connected it at the time until I began having infections and the doctor told me I was allergic to nickel and other metals.  For a young woman that was the END OF MY WORLD!  The idea that I could no longer wear cool jewelry with bold colors because most of it was made with metals I couldn’t use. Boooooo!!! 

When I was younger I was shy, and jewelry allowed me to express a different side of myself without ever having to say a word. 

Now I invite you to remind yourself of a time when you were your most carefree self and just wanted to express yourself with beautiful jewelry.  No focusing on trends; instead focus on telling your story with bold colors, unique styles that make you feel good and seen.  I want to help YOU transform bodaciously with our hypoallergenic customizable jewelry pieces because you deserve to be playful at any age and enjoy expressing yourself. 

Photograph by Eserie Photography


 If you are one of those people that say I can’t do the costume jewelry because I’m too sensitive, well then challenge accepted!   


 Photograph by Brianna Rohlehr

Handmade with love by Diana

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