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September 2022 | Celebrate Fall With Bodacious Bijous

September 2022 | Celebrate Fall With Bodacious Bijous - Bodacious Bijous

Today is Labor Day! Bodacious Bijous is proud to acknowledge this important holiday. Labor Day celebrates the successes of all workers who truly make the world go round.

So, take this important day to celebrate with your family and friends.

Summer is ending!  We're ready to make this a September to remember over at Bodacious Bijous! While I hope your summer was sparkling, there's still time to find your spark in September if you didn't get a chance to do everything you planned to do since Memorial Day.

Let's start with something fun!

Support Small Business

Plus: Special gift for the first 25 customers to order!

During the month of September, I'm giving my first 25 customers a special gift to celebrate them for supporting my small business. No code necessary to join in! One of the best ways to find your spark in time for fall is by ordering a beautiful jewelry piece that's going to keep you in that fresh, new state of mind that makes summer so special. Our collection is full of some real stunners at the moment! Or maybe you want to create something unique.  Let me know!

Don’t Forget Grandparents’ Day!

September is also the month of Grandparents' Day. Grandparents are such a special part of any family dynamic for those who are lucky enough to have theirs around. They offer the deepest, purest love while providing wisdom that can only be earned through time.

If your grandparents are a part of your life, September is a great month to show them how appreciated they are! You can message us at Bodacious Bijous to get some tips for picking out perfect jewelry pieces for Grandparents' Day on Sept. 11.

Also, want to send love and light to those families who lost love ones on 9/11.  May you continue to find peace in your hearts and minds.  Much love from the Bodacious family.

Get a Head Start on the Holidays!

Don't forget that NOW is the time to start talking with Bodacious Bijous about any custom pieces you'd like made for holiday gifts this year.

I wish you a great start to the fall! As always, join us on the Bodacious Bijous Instagram page to "talk shop" about our artisan pieces, check out some of the custom orders we're making for people, and call first dibs when we release new designs.

Sending good wishes and many blessings! Diana


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