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March 2023 Blogpost | Let's Celebrate YOU!

March 2023 Blogpost | Let's Celebrate YOU! - Bodacious Bijous

Let’s talk about…

…metal allergies and keep it simple.  What is it? It is a very common skin allergy and the metal most known to be the culprit is Nickel.  It is a metal most associated with jewelry, but it is also found in buttons on your jeans, zippers, bra hooks, belt buckles, eye glass frames, coins, keys and even your cellphone.  So, what happens when a person comes in contact with Nickel or similar metals?  Every person does not experience the same symptoms.  Some people may have a mild reaction, such redness or rash, and others may be a bit more severe. It is all dependent upon our body chemistry.  My allergy causes swelling, pain and nagging itch.  Other people can suffer severe infections.  Although there is no cure for metal allergies there are ways to protect your skin so you can still enjoy wearing fashionable jewelry without bringing harm to your body. 

  1. Look for hypoallergenic metals such as sterling silver, copper, titanium, platinum and 18k gold.
  2. You can ask your favorite jeweler to apply a protective metal coating.
  3. Alternatively, if you found a great pair of earrings and don’t know what kind of metal it is, give it two coats of clear nail polish to create a barrier between the metal and your ear lobe. You may need to reapply as it wears off.
  4. Always keep your lobes clean and moisture with coconut oil.
  5. Also, if you know someone who makes custom jewelry (wink, wink) then you can discuss your concerns and find alternative materials to create your one-of-a-kind jewelry piece.

Holiday Highlights

Caregiver Appreciation Day —March 3

Today we celebrate the people who give relentlessly of themselves to take care of others. Caregivers come in many forms, such as nurses, doctors, home attendants, and parents to name a few.  Whether you have someone with special needs, elderly or just need a little TLC it’s important to show love and thank those who take care of our loved ones. Let’s thank them for their service every day, not just today.  Let them know how amazing they are for showing such compassion and strength.   

Remember caregivers to also take care of you!

International Women's Day —March 8

Women do so much and make it look so easy that sometimes others around them don’t realize how amazing they are.  Take today to celebrate their amazingness!  Ladies, celebrate one another and yourselves for being boss babes and how much you have achieved. 

National Jewel Day — March 13

Jewelry has been around for many years and most hold sentimental value. Jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive to be meaningful to its recipient, it just needs to be given with love.  A piece that is handmade and created uniquely for that special someone will hold more meaning than you can imagine.  What will you give your loved one today?

National Certified Nurses (CNAs) Day —March 19

Let’s not forget our CNAs, Certified nursing assistants, like our caregivers it’s important to say thank you because the medical field is not an easy one especially these days and the sacrifices they make should not go unnoticed. 

If you know someone that you would like to thank or recognize this month please comment on this blogpost and let us know about a special caregiver, nurse or amazing woman you know.  Share this blogpost with them.  I will be choosing random messages to give a special 15% off code on your next Bodacious purchase.

Happy March; stay Bodacious!


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