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March 2022 Newsletter | Show Appreciation in March with Bodacious Bijous

March 2022 Newsletter | Show Appreciation in March with Bodacious Bijous - Bodacious Bijous

Here at Bodacious Bijous, we are all about celebrating the special people in our lives. When it comes to showing up for and supporting important people in your life, jewelry is perfect. Even better if it’s handmade, as it’s more personal. Ready to shop and show support to others? Here’s when and how to do it.

Caregiver Appreciation Day —March 3


Caregivers are the unsung heroes of the world. Some caregivers care for others for a living, but many have quit jobs to care for ill or aging family members. If there is a caregiver in your life, you know that they could use a little more appreciation. Treat your favorite caregiver to something special to let them know just how amazing they are.

The Lotus flower symbolizes inner strength which makes our Lotus Charm Bracelets the perfect gift for this day!

International Women's Day —March 8


Ladies, March 8th is the day to celebrate our achievements. Whether you are a boss babe or a grandma, today is the day to celebrate all of the amazing things that you have accomplished. Jewelry is the perfect way to do that.

Don’t forget to also celebrate all of the other amazing women in your life. While a necklace can’t possibly measure up to everything that women bring to the table, it’s the next best thing.

Here are some of our favorites for International Women’s Day:

  • Heart of Hearts necklace - Symbolizes love
  • Self Love Healing Necklace - Perfect for a little self-care
  • Disco Star Earrings - Fun & Sassy

National Jewel Day — March 13

Nobody seems to know who exactly started National Jewel Day. But jewelry has been made and worn since prehistoric times, and this day honors the importance that jewelry holds in the world.

What better way to celebrate this important day than with a new piece of jewelry?

The Chakra Healing Stone Pendant with Necklace is perfect for celebrating National Jewel day because you can choose various stones.

National Certified Nurses (CNAs) Day —March 19

National Certified Nurses

You don’t need a special day to give thanks to all of the health professionals in your life. Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) are some of the hardest working medical professionals in the field.

Giving a small token of appreciation to the CNA in your life is especially important considering the intense exhaustion that they are likely experiencing after the pandemic. Jewelry is a great way to bring a much-needed smile to their day!

Here at Bodacious Bijous, we want to give a gift to those who have given so much to us, too. That’s why we are offering a discount to all caregivers and CNAs in March! Use Code: CAREGIVER22

Wishing you an amazing Month!


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