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April 2023 Blogpost | Let’s Connect On Some Things!

April 2023 Blogpost | Let’s Connect On Some Things! - Bodacious Bijous

Let’s talk about…

 …the struggles of finding the right type of jewelry for you.  There are so many jewelry options out there to choose from!  How do you choose?

One of the biggest concerns customers share with me about buying fashion or handmade jewelry is whether their neck, wrist or fingers will turn green.  That is a common concern, and you should always ask that question.  The number one metal that causes your skin to turn green is Copper.  Copper not only tarnishes quickly but the skin discoloration is caused by exposure to oxygen and sweat, which make the metal react.  Since no one can stop sweating or exposure to oxygen, Copper may not be the right choice for you, although it looks beautiful.  Nickel on the other hand causes irritation and exacerbates allergic reactions.

Bodacious Bijous uses stainless steel, sterling silver- and gold-plated metals.  Most of our materials are hypoallergenic.  We care about your skin and believe you should not only look good but feel good wearing your jewelry.  We also give you the opportunity to be a part of your own design so you get to choose the color, style and materials used to create your piece.  As a small business it is our priority to make sure you’re happy and give you the opportunity to share your thoughts on what works or doesn’t. 

I would love to hear your questions or thoughts about metal allergies.  If you have jewelry topics or allergy topics you want me to share information about comment below.

To schedule a free 30-minute consultation, reach out to me via the contact us page. 

What’s New at Bodacious Bijous?

You asked for it and we made it.  We now have our Lava Chakra Bead Bracelet w/Free Essential Oil, which is not just jewelry.  Essential oils are known to boost your mood, reduce anxiety, headaches, nausea and more.  Lava stones are porous so adding essential oils to your bracelet will keep you going throughout the day.  Lava stones and chakra stones coupled together have a long list of healing properties. 

Our Morganite Gemstone Bracelet will help you attract love and abundance.  The beautiful pastel shades and cylinder shape of the morganite stone are unique and not commonly found in jewelry.   

The beautiful Lamp Work Bead Earrings with jade accents are very delicate and have a personality all on their own. 

Finally we have our Hearts of Glass Earrings the deep red is attractive, bold and will be sure to bring our your inner BODACIOUS-ness!

Important Highlights!

🦋 Aries season is ending April 19 and Taurus season begins April 20.  Show off your sign with these zodiac necklaces in three styles name charm, zodiac charm and constellation charm

🦋 Let’s not forget Mani-Pedi day on April 25.  Make sure to show off your Bodacious Statement Rings or Chakra Rings take a photo and tag @bodacious_bijous.

Graphic created by @Jellystaygucci

Let us know what types of jewelry you want to see more of.  Comment below!

Happy April; stay Bodacious!




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